World Afro Day 2021

Wednesday 15th September

World Afro Day was created by Michelle De Leon after experiencing struggles related to her own afro hair and societal biases. 

World Afro Day is a day for appreciation, empowerment and 

education, and perfectly aligns with IECC's mission to promote representation and vital education.

The Importance of World Afro Day

Here at I'm Representing IECC we seek to fill the gaps institutions, media and social society create. Women of colour are often underrepresented in media and, when women of colour can be seen, their afro hair is often depicted as the opposite of society's image of beauty being straight, light hair.

World Afro Day creates a method of early intervention for young people whose identity is inevitably informed by these warped beauty standards and creates a platform to celebrate otherwise underrepresented beauty, while giving an opportunity to educate and inspire. At IECC we support days such as World Afro Day to remind ourselves and others of the importance of education and empowerment. 

To make the day a proper celebration and represent Wales in this global day, IECC will be providing a number of speakers for FREE, including Miss Voluptuous Cymru and Cherie of She Can Closet Clothing, to join your school assemblies. To email your interest in IECC's World Afro Day Welsh assembly package, click the button below. *Please note our speaker bookings will be on a first come first serve basis*

To sign your school up to the Big Hair Assembly on the World Afro Day website click the button below. They'll provide with a free resource pack to get you started.

IECC are offering a NEW curriculum package inspired by World Afro Day and the Welsh context, which will be catered to your children's ages, needs and abilities to ensure this important education is continued in the classroom. Children of all ages will explore all things hair, including the history and meaning of hair styles in religion and culture, genetics, symbolism and interpreted meaning of hair, identity and more! To inquire about our curriculum package inspired by World Afro Day via email, click the button below.