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Ysgol Hamadryad: first Welsh school to sign the Natural Hair Act into their declaration

Updated: Jul 9

IECC's provides institutions with the tools for innovation and inclusivity progression. This week our Directors celebrated Ysgol Hamadryad's official signing of the Halo Code into their declaration.

The Halo Code, which can be enforced in all workplaces and schools, explicitly protects students and staff who come to school with natural hair and protective hairstyles associated with their racial, ethnic, and cultural identities


IECC Directors visit Ysgol Hamadryad

IECC's own Jessica Dunrod formally introduced Ysgol Hamadryad to the Halo Code policy through her book 'Your Hair is Your Crown'. IECC took time this week to visit the growing school and find out how they plan on continuing progress towards inclusion for all.

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