IECC Inclusive Curriculum Enhancements


I'm Representing: Personal Development and Identity 

In association with It's Mandatory CIC, the  I AM programme  provides children and young people a space to explore identity, origin of race etc, covering themes such as history, representation, racism and discrimination, the Equality Act 2010, conflict management, mental health and well-being, genetics etc, assisting with their journey to self-actualisation.

This programme offers the following:

4-8 week interactive programme taught by IECC professionals

Comprehensive lesson plans

Guest speakers invited to facilitate learning and provide insight. Most recent guest speaker being previous Lord Mayor Dan De'Ath 


I'm Representing: P.E with Mica

The following can be accessed:

x2 30 min online PE classes with Welsh Commonwealth Sprinter and Team GB

Athlete Mica Moore only with I’m Representing IECC

x2 live PE classes in person – Mica can’t wait to visit your school!

I'm Representing: English and Literacy

Written by the first Welsh-born Black children’s author and IECC Director Jessica Dunrod, 'Your Hair is Your Crown' is a tribute to the author's Welsh West-Indian heritage and our glorious multicultural society! Hope discovers that magical things happen when her beautiful Afro hair gets wet and her curls are unleashed.

The following can be accessed:

Exclusive 30-minute story telling video in English or Welsh, both

featuring a sign language interpreter. The English story version features our Welsh Commonwealth Sprinter and Team GB Athlete Mica Moore

30-minute activity pack customised to class age groups including worksheets, suggested lesson plan, and inclusive language activities.

1 signed copy of “Outstanding” and “Your Hair is Your Crown” for the


10% discount code on books for the Lily Translates websites.


I'm Representing: Welsh and Foreign Language Learning

(Delivered in either Welsh or English medium)


French OR Spanish 30 min videos for both KS1(Reception/Y1/Y2) and KS2 (Years 3-6) level

Accompanying digital packs for 30 minutes

Curriculum for Wales statement showing the outcomes reached

Display pack for the school with laminated numbers, colours etc which can be displayed for continued learning


Students can also access ongoing second language classes (French/Spanish/German/Welsh) which can be created into a course that lasts throughout the year. Classes/online or in person will be taught by a “global majority” teacher and will cover diverse subjects with interactive videos, and activities from pre-prepared lesson plans which feature inclusive learning materials.

I'm Representing: Welsh History

We believe that Black history should be included as part of our united Welsh and global history. Therefore, we enable schools to teach a more diverse, inclusive, age appropriate and accurate account of an integrated Welsh history by offering the following:

History sessions (online and in person)

Welsh history lesson plans


Sessions delivered by the renowned Welsh Historian Abu-Bakr Madden Al-Shabazz.