Consultancy Services

IECC's bespoke consultancy services comprise of detailed advisory and logistics support provided by our experienced experts, and are catered to the needs and interests of each client circumstance    


I’m Representing IECC work closely with institutions to assess existing policies and procedures within work and education environments to identify potential gaps and opportunities for inclusion development. Within this service IECC representatives use professional expertise and industry knowledge to provide personalised advice via virtual or in person consultation to adapt, reform, enhance and/or create new progressive policy and procedure for transformative purposes towards full inclusion.  



When it comes to delivering education, IECC support institutions to develop the practice of regular innovation in all areas of curriculum development and delivery. IECC provide the tools for institutions to utilise their influential position to positively impact the lives of young people by providing clear representation and equal opportunity for academic and social thriving. Whether a quick query or area requiring long term guidance, our curriculum consultancy service sees our experienced professionals deliver advice on how to foster anti-racist culture in all aspects of curriculum provisions and delivery. 


Incidents of discrimination

Where institutions host a large number of individuals from a plethora of backgrounds, it is somewhat inevitable degrees of race discrimination will be observed. However, it is the quality of an institution's short and long term response to these incidents that will determine the size of impact on the development and wellbeing of victims and those indirectly involved. IECC provide detailed advice on how best to proceed with racist incidents, including referral recommendations, provision of victim support programmes and restorative services. IECC emphasise the importance of preventative measures when it comes to incidents of discrimination; we therefore provide various forms of guidance on procedure reform/creation. 


General Advisory Support 

We invest significant time into each query and aim to offer our consultancy services regardless of how complex the subject area. We'll ensure every matter is informed by relevant technical knowledge and, if necessary, conduct both qualitative and quantitative research to ensure accuracy. If you'd like to discuss acquiring consultancy services for any matter related to inclusive practice, please do not hesitate to contact us

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